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LB's LEGO® Star Wars IITM: The Original Trilogy
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2. Episode IV

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2. Episode IV

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1. Introduction
2. Episode IV: A New Hope
3. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
4. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
5. Mini-Kit Canister Locations
6. Stud Tips and Red Power Brick Locations

7. LEGO Star Wars II Screenshot Walkthrough
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2. Episode IV: A New Hope

Your Jedi adventure begins at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Think of it as your home base. You are Princess Leia and Captain Antilles is by your side. Move to the bar in front of you and you'll be given a few options: Hints, Characters, Extras, Codes, Gold Bricks and Story Clips.

To the right of the bar is an area with two bacta tanks. Each one has a character floating it it. This is where you can customize your characters, if you choose to do so (use up/down to select the body part you want to change, then left/right to change it). You will have more parts to choose from as you move through the game.

Continue to work your way around the Cantina to the right. The first door you'll come across will have an arrow pointing down above it. If you pass through the door you'll be outside the Cantina, in the parking lot. There's nothing worth noting here now, but, once you've collected all of the Mini-Kit Canisters in a level, a new ship will be created. That ship will be in the parking lot.

Move past the arrow door and approach the large door that opens for you. It is marked "IV". Pass though it. In this area you'll be surrounded by six doors. Move through the green-lit one marked "1". Select "Story".

Please note, this first level's walkthrough is going to be very detailed, as I want you to get down everything you are supposed to do as you move through a level (primarily collecting Studs). When we move past this level it is expected that you collect Studs on your own, and that you are not bothered by doors not marked for you. With that being said, on with the walkthrough...

In front of you is a pile of blocks. Hold down your "Build" button until they form an object and release some Studs. Collect the Studs, then repeat with the second pile. When both objects are built, the exit to the room will open up. However, before rushing through it, pull out your Blaster ("Attack" button) and shoot (hit "Attack" again) at the many spacecrates in the room. Each one will release more Studs. Collect them. Finally, move over to the lever on the left side of the room and follow the on-screen directions to pull it (hit the "Special Abilities/Build" button while standing in front of it). Each time you pull it a Stud and/or Health Container will be released. Fill up, then exit the room.

Shoot the lit panels lining the hall, along with the spacecrates, for Studs. Please note, each panel has two parts, an upper and a lower. Stand back and shoot to hit the upper panel. Once you've collected the goods, approach either of the two levers at the end of the hall and pull it. Captain Antilles will pull the second lever at the same time. This will open the door. Watch as Rebel Guards run left.

Pass through the door (be sure to collect the Blue Stud on the floor), and move right. The door will close. Get used to this, as there are many areas you can't access in Story Mode (they are meant for Free Play, where you can choose specific characters). So, turn around and move toward the group of Rebel Guards standing in the middle of the hall. As you move toward the guards, shoot the lit panels again. One will reveal a lever. Pull it to change your hat (what the?). Pull it again to get Leia's buns back.

Draw your Blaster and move past the Rebel Guards. As soon as you do, Stormtroopers will emerge from the door in front of you. Shoot them until they stop coming. Follow the Rebel Guards through the door (you may also care to note the C-3P0 door to your left, which you can't go through at this time).

Enter the room and step into the glowing red circle. This is a grapple circle. Press your "Special Ability" button to use your grapple. You will be pulled up onto the above catwalk. (Please note, only characters that carry a Blaster can use grapple circles). Run around to the next grapple circle and pull yourself up to the next level. Move over to the two piles of blocks and build the necessary gears to extend the bridge. Cross the bridge and pass through the doorway.

At the far end of the hall you'll spot Darth Vader and a couple of Stormtroopers. You can't shoot Darth, so don't even try. Instead, focus on picking off the Troopers. When the first set of Troopers goes down, you'll have a few seconds before the next set arrives. Use this time to pull the levers lining the walls. When you pull one, your friend will pull the one next to it. This will drop an explosive pod next to Vader. Go ahead and take out the next set of Troopers, then pull the levers on the other wall, and another pod will drop. Again, shoot the Troopers, then, when they go down, focus on one of the two pods. Its rings will light up as you hit it. Fill it up and BOOM, both pods will blow and Vader will escape. Follow him. (FYI, the best way to avoid enemy Blaster fire is to be constantly in motion).

In this corner room you'll find a Panel that can only be activated by Bounty Hunters. You are not a Bounty Hunter, so move on. Continue through the next door and shoot the Stormtroopers in front of you. Move down the hall, shooting Troopers and clearing out wall panels and spacecrates as you go. As you reach the Rebel Guards, note the two compartments opposite each other in the hall's two alcoves. Pull the lever while Antilles pulls the other. One compartment will reveal flowers that produce many Studs. The other will reveal a view into Darth Vader's happenings. When this is done, move past the Guards and into the next room.

In this room you will find blocks marked with yellow and black stripes. These markings let you know that the blocks can be moved. Push the block closest to you straight toward the circular door. To do this, just get behind the block and move Leia toward the door...the block will move with her. The block will fall into the red lit pit, producing many Studs. Collect them, then push the second block into the second red lit pit. This will open the circular door, revealing many Troopers. Blast them before they blast you.

Before moving toward C-3P0 and R2-D2, be sure to explore room you are in as there is fencing along one of the room's edges. Fencing is a huge Stud producer. When the Studs are collected, move toward the droids.

Approach C-3P0. Once you're standing in front of him, hit your "Switch" button to take control. As 3P0, hit the C-3P0 Panel to the right. This lowers the force field and allows Leia to reach R2-D2.

Leia's business here is done, so you are left with the droids and Captain Antilles. Switch to the Antilles (he moves faster) and move to the end of the hall. Switch to R2-D2 and activate the panel to open the door. Switch back to Antilles.

Enter the next room to discover a group of Rebels being attacked on the opposite side. In order to help them you must take out the Stormtroopers with a crane. Take position in the chair, then move around. As your chair moves, the crane on the opposite side of the room will move, too. Guide the crane so it is above one of the Stormtroopers (watch the crane's shadow for guidance). When it's in position, drop the crane using the designated buttons. If you positioned the crane correctly, a Stormtrooper will be struggling in its claws. Move the crane to the middle of the room and release the Stormtrooper. He'll fall into the pit below. Mwahahahahaha! Repeat with the second Trooper.

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When the area is clear your Rebel friend will drop a bridge for you. Cross it, shoot the many spacecrates, then jump the next gap to reach the door and...wait a minute. It seems C-3P0 can't reach you. That's sad (and you need him to pass through the door, so something must be done). Jump back over the gap and return to the crane chair. 3P0 will remain on the far side of the room. Guide the crane over 3P0 and pluck up your droid buddy. Carry him over the gap and drop him next to the door. Exit the chair and meet up with him. If you want, use the grapple circle to collect the above Studs. Otherwise, switch to C-3P0, activate the door, switch back to a Rebel Guard, then move though the door.

Blast the Stormtroopers and the panels. Fight your way down the next hall. At the dead end, build a bridge from the blocks and cross it. Continue to fight. Move down the hall to your right, build a bridge, and you'll reach a few pod doors.

Switch to R2-D2 and open the left pod. Before entering, use R2 again to open the central pod. This pod will reveal a couple of Stormtroopers in a hot tub. Once you get over the shock of seeing that, switch to a Rebel Friend and take care of them. Next, pull the two levers (one in each pod), and the C-3P0 Panel to the right will be exposed. Activate it, switch back to R2-D2 and enter. Have R2 activate his panel to complete the level.

Mini-Kit Canisters

Mini-Kit Canister locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Stud Tips

Tips on getting Studs are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Red Power Brick

Red Power Brick locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Here you will find yourself on Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine. You are Luke Skywalker (although I hope you aren't nearly as whiney as Luke Skywalker) and are currently equipped with the Blaster. Obi Wan Kenobi is by your side. Obi Wan is a Jedi, so he can use Jedi powers on anything that glows blue. He can also jump higher than Luke, and he is equipped with a Light Saber. To use the Light Saber, equip it just as you would a Blaster, and swing it just as you would shoot the Blaster.

Begin the level by collecting Studs (build blocks, blast spacecrates and fences, etc.). Eventually the Sand People will come. I had better luck taking them out with Luke's Blaster than Obi Wan's Light Saber, but you're free to take them out as you please. Continue moving right and you'll reach a ravine. Shoot the enemies on the other side of the ravine, then jump up to the pile of blocks. Blast them until they break, revealing a path for you. Take it over to the opposite side.

More Sand People will emerge. Take them out while remaining at the bottom of the hill. When they're out of the picture, build the pile of blocks at the base of the hill to create a grapple pad. Have Luke stand on it to grapple to the cliff above. Collect the Studs. Jump back down and continue along the path ahead of you, shooting Sand People as you go (to shoot Sand People that are high on cliffs, stand far away and your Blaster will automatically aim at them).

In the distance you'll be able to spot an unending stream of Sand People sliding down the hill. Take them out as they come in packs, then switch to Obi Wan and notice the many blue glowing objects in the area. Things that glow blue can be moved by the Force. To use the Force stand in front of any of these objects and press the "Special Ability"/"Build" button. The blue glowing objects on the left side produce Studs, the blue glowing object on the right side produces blocks that can be build into a Stud container, and the large objects on the hill produce a path up the hill. Jump to the path and move up it.

Take out the Sand People on the above cliff then build from the pile of blocks in front of you. They will result in a yellow and black striped box. Push the box toward the cliff where the Sand People were, then jump onto the box and onto the cliff. Jump to the cliff across the way (it helps to hit "Jump" twice for a double jump).

Walk down to the pile of blocks below in build a grapple pad. Use it to reach the Studs, then hop down and continue along the path in front of you. Eventually you'll reach the Jawa's Desert Transport (the Sandcrawler).

Switch to Obi Wan and use the Force on the two blue glowing blocks. This will put them on top of one another, next to the transport. Next, stand beneath the two orange panels you can spot on the left side of the transport. Keep moving left until one of the panels glows. When this happens, use the force to pull it down. This creates a platform and reveals a lever. Have Luke build the grapple pad beneath the platform, then grapple up to the lever. Pull it down and two new panels will fall, allowing Obi Wan to reach you.

Switch to Obi Wan, and use the Force on the above platform. Switch back to Luke, jump to the far left platform and use the grapple circle to reach the platform Obi Wan just lowered. Pull the lever and jump onto the moving lift. Ride it to the top and jump onto the roof. Wait for Obi Wan to reach you, then pull the two levers together. This will provide you with a vacuum into the transport. Return back to the ground (you can blast the four circular pads to your right to reveal a chute), and stand beneath the vacuum to be sucked in.

Build from the blocks in front of you to create a C-3P0 Panel, then move into the next hall. Deal with the Jawa here as you wish (since he doesn't hurt anyone, I prefer to use Obi Wan's Force to put him to sleep). Next, shoot or slice the many ladders lining the hall. This will give you access to several yellow wheels. Turn each of these wheels by using the Force. This will open the door into the next room, and it will provide you with access to the two Blue Studs at the end of the hall. Grab them and enter the next room.

Pull the lever and a yellow and black striped block will drop down. You can push this block along the path carved into the floor. The goal is to push it on top of the red lit panel in front of R2-D2 in order to release the droid. If you want, you can continue to pull the lever for more blocks. Two can be used to release Blue Studs, another can release a Mini-Kit Canister. While this is all going on, watch the Jawas as they will try to zap R2 of his power. If they become bothersome, put them to sleep with Obi Wan.

Take control of R2-D2 (you may have to wait for him to wake up) make use of the R2-D2 Panel. Walk onto the circular platform to enter the next room.

Power up the two levers by quickly running across the four pads in front of each one. You must move fast and in a straight line, or the pads will reset. Have Obi Wan pull the lever on the right and Luke will grab the lever on the left. Enter the next room.

Put the Jawas to sleep, then place yourself on the front side of the green block and push toward the back of the room. Watch as the vacuum above the three cages moves left to right. Continue to wind the block around until the vacuum is positioned above C-3P0's cell (it will light up green). At this point, have R2-D2 activate his Panel and C-3P0 will be sucked up in spit out into your party. YAY!

Use C-3P0 to open the door to the next room. Move through it, then use Obi Wan's Force to break the two door supports. This will drop the door. Exit out.

Fight the Sand People as you move forward. Also be sure to break through any blocks you see that are covering cave openings along the way, as there are many Studs inside these caves.

Once you reach the open area be careful, as there are several poison water pits around. If you step into any one of these pits your little LEGO man will pop. Since you must cross these water pits, you must drain them with C-3P0. Find the C-3P0 panel that is next to each drainable pad and activate it. Wait for the water to fill the central container before moving across the pits.

Cross the first pit and build a ramp so C-3P0 can reach the next panel. Activate it, then move across the dry pit and up the hill across the way.

Fight off the Sand People then have Obi Wan jump up onto the high rock on the left side. Use the Force from this position to create a bridge over the gap below. Cross it, then immediately jump up the rock path to the right. Push the block up here off the back edge, then return to the ground and fight the enemies. When all is clear, heal the block with the Force to create a bridge for C-3P0. Activate the next pool's drain and cross.

Deal with the Jawas as you see fit and continue to the next area. Build the back end of the landspeeder, then have Obi Wan hop in ("Switch Character" button). Guide the landspeeder directly across the water to the right and dismount.

Fight the Stormtroopers in the area, then move over to the broken bridge at the water's edge. Rebuild the lever and pull it. Your friends will come join you. Next, stand on one of the four pads in front of the hut and the members of your party will step on the other three. Pull the lever and enter the hut to end the level.

Mini-Kit Canisters

Mini-Kit Canister locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Stud Tips

Tips on getting Studs are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Red Power Brick

Red Power Brick locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Move down the street in front of you and take out the Stormtroopers as they come. Also be sure to collect any and all Studs you can get your hands on here, as there are thousands to be had. Eventually you'll spot some Stormtroopers shooting you from an area above a garage. In order to reach them, you must use the Force on the staircase to the right. Hold it until it turns into a ramp, then take the ramp up to the Stormtroopers and eliminate them.

Move left to the C-3P0 Panel above the garage and activate it. Move through the open garage.

Move forward into the open area and take out the Stormtroopers that charge you. Continue to fight them until they stop coming. When this happens, look around, as there are many blocks waiting to be built. One pile creates a ramp that allows C-3P0 to reach door marked for him. Open the door and you'll find another huge pile of blocks. R2-D2 also has his own door with more blocks behind it (simply jump to get to it). Finally, there's a pile found once you blast the cans to the left of C-3P0's door.

Continue to build, and eventually you'll have all of the pieces necessary to build an AT-ST (aka an Imperial Walker). Use the Force to put them together. And, note, if parts aren't glowing, then you haven't built all of the parts necessary to build the AT-ST.

Once the AT-ST is put together a Stormtrooper will come out and hop on. Use the Force to power down the AT-ST. This will force the Trooper out. Eliminate him, then take control of the AT-ST.

Blast through the fence in front of you and move into the next open area, shooting as you go. When all has been cleared out, dismount and move through the archway.

Switch to Luke and use the Blaster to destroy the four barrier sources. This will allow the droids to continue on with you...which is good, because they're needed. Stand atop one of the four red pads, and your friends will grab one of their own. Move through the door and enter the Cantina.

After an amusing cutscene, you will find yourself in control of Hans Solo. Chewy is, obviously, by your side. Chewy is fun to play with, as he will pull off enemy's arms, if he gets close enough to them.

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I suggest exploring the Cantina, if only for amusement (I've always been a fan of the Cantina Band, and they look quite good as LEGOs). Once the exploration has come to an end, head right, to the door marked with a green arrow. Move through it.

Use the grapple circle to grapple to the above ledge, where you will quickly see Garindan run away. Wait in position for a few seconds and some Stormtroopers will come your way. Pop them as they come. Build the next grapple pad and use it to get up to the next ledge. Move through the opening into then next area.

Move across the rooftops to the next grapple circle, and use it to swing over to the next set of rooftops (if you fall, simply backtrack a bit and you'll find another circle on the ground level). Pull the glowing lever to reveal a movable block. Push it over the edge, then move it to the far end of the path. Place it on the four glowing pegs, then stand back and shoot it. The explosion will blast open the door. Move through it.

Here you will be ambushed by many Stormtroopers, some of whom will be riding dewbacks. Take care of those on the ground first, then shoot at the dewbacks. This will cause the lizards to buck off the Troopers. When the Troopers land on the ground, quickly take them out.

There will be more enemies shooting at you from above. To reach them, hop on any one of the dewbacks and ride it over to the Stormtroopers. Dismount and you will be bucked up to the above area. Eliminate the Troopers. (Here you will find another hat changing machine. Odd.)

Hop back down to the ground, then have a dewback toss you on top of the walkway above the three archways. Continue through the archway up here, and down the stairs.

STORMTROOPER AMBUSH! Run around like a wild banshee, shooting every Stormtrooper you can spot. They'll be right in front of you, and they'll be on the ledge above. In between shooting Troopers, shoot objects on the ground, as many will blow up, taking out a few Troopers with each explosion.

Once you clear out the first round of Storm Troopers, Garindan will arrive. He will bring with him more Stormtroopers. Lovely. You do have a larger team now, so feel free to switch to the character you're most comfortable with. I preferred to stick with Han, although Chewy is another great option. Just keep moving and shoot everything that gets in your way, including Garindan, who will continue to unleash waves of Troopers on you until you take him and his four hearts out. When he has been eliminated (along with every last Stormtrooper, the Millennium Falcon will lower its ramp. Run to it.

Mini-Kit Canisters

Mini-Kit Canister locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Stud Tips

Tips on getting Studs are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Red Power Brick

Red Power Brick locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Start by blowing up everything in the room (including the pipes), as there are thousands of Studs to be earned here. Once that is done, have Obi-Wan use the Force on the door and exit. Eliminate the two Stormtroopers, then, as Han or Luke, pull the lever on the left side of the hall. A Stormtrooper helmet will drop onto your head. Enter the room at the end of the hall, as you are able to do so with the Stormtrooper costume on.

Take out the Troopers and Imperial Officer, then build up the blocks near the control panel. Once the blocks are in place activate the R2 panel. When everyone sees the Princess in peril, the party separates. You are left with Luke, Hans and the Wookie.

Move down the newly opened hall, popping enemies as you go. Be sure to make use of the red lit pillars lining the hall, as they blow when hit. At the end, hang a left and enter the next hall.

Fight your way forward. Near the end of this hall is another helmet machine. Stick one on both Luke and Han, then enter the next room. There's no need to avoid the camera here, as you are in disguise. Move out to the end of the bridge and you'll spot Obi Wan in a wee bit of trouble. Shoot the Stormtroopers from a distance. Ol' Ben will reward you by completing the bridge. Cross it.

Imperial Navy Troopers will begin to stream into your personal space. Take them out, then shoot the crates blocking your path. Note the helmet machine, but don't bother using it just now (helmets fall off when you're hit, and you're sure to be hit here). Once you've cleared out the first wave of Troopers, focus your aim on the crates blocking the hall. Make your way down that hall, shooting those in your way. At the end of the hall, move right.

More Navy Troopers. Take them down, and you will find a Stormtrooper door. Since you have cleared out the majority of those between this door and the helmet machine, it's now safe to backtrack and get that helmet on. However, once you reach the machine you'll run into that same group of Imperial Navy Troopers. Eliminate the group of them, then use the machine before the next group appears. Run to the Stormtrooper door and pass through.

Cross the bridge, build the spindle, then spin the bridge over to the next platform. Cross over to in, then grapple to the level above. Equip both of your boys with Trooper helmets, then move up to the next level. Jump the gap (double jump), cross innocently in front of the Stormtroopers, then fall to the platform below. Pass through the door.

Since you're in disguise no one here will initially bother you. However, they'll catch on when you try to build the Stormtrooper Panel on the opposite side of the room. So, go ahead and take out each and every Stormtrooper, then build the panel. If you're like me, you got hit, which means you'll have to go back to the helmet machine before going through the door.

Move down the hall, clearing it of enemies as you go. At the end you'll come to a side door that reveals a red lit lift inside. Stand on it and you'll be taken to the control room...where there are many enemies. I used Chewy here, as I very much enjoyed pulling the arms of the little LEGO enemies. To make the enemies stop emerging from the elevators, you must shoot out the cameras above the elevators. When this is done, build the central control desk, then flip the two levers simultaneously.

Move up the hall, shooting Imperial Guards as they come your way. Open the cells lining the sides as you go, as there area many Studs (and a funny little Skeleton) inside. Princess Leia is in the last cell on the right, but she is behind a force field. To power down the force field, stand on one of the circular pads. Someone in the party will stand on the other, releasing the Princess and ending the level.

Mini-Kit Canisters

Mini-Kit Canister locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Stud Tips

Tips on getting Studs are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Red Power Brick

Red Power Brick locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

The gang managed to prevent the trash compactor from smooshing you in the cutscene, so, all you must do here is escape. Build the platform beneath the lever, hop on, then open the door. Run down the hall, taking down enemies as you go. Note the helmet machine, but don't bother using it now.

Walk out onto the catwalk at the end, then pull the lever. This will move a grapple hook your way. Stand in the grapple circle and ride in on up and...what have you done? You're surrounded by Stormtroopers! Eek!

The best way to survive this attack is to run to the grapple circle behind you and return to the above catwalk. From here you can pop Storm Troopers as they grapple up to reach you. When the room is free of enemies, return to the level below and locate the movable block with the blue platform attached to it. Push it toward the middle of the room, atop the red pad. Next, push the circular lever counterclockwise (push the green sides) to raise the platform up a notch. When this is all done, return to the above catwalk and pull the lever twice. This will move the grapple hook into the correct position. Stand in the circle and swing to the blue platform. Hop onto the catwalk.

Move to the far end of the catwalk and pull the lever. This will release a block. Push the block to the end of the path, then off the side of the catwalk. This will break a grate below. Hop down and fall through the grate. Locate the hovercraft and hop on. Ride it out of the grate, then ride it straight up the line of red lights, turning each light green. This will extend the above platform.

Grapple up to the catwalk and backtrack to the helmet machine. Once your Stormtrooper disguise is in place, make your way to the newly extended bridge and activate the Stormtrooper Panel. Move through the door.

Take out the enemies then pass through the room. Build the lever on the right, then pull it. Shoot the Troopers in the next room, then pull the two levers and shoot the enemies in the room beyond that. Next, push the block from the previous room along the path to the right. This will power up the next lever. Pull it.

Fight your way down the next hall and to the circular platform just beyond it. Move to the end and pull a lever. Your friends will take care of the others. This cause a platform to start spinning. Jump to it, then jump to the platform across the way. Take out the Stormtroopers the grapple up to the above platform. Pull the lever, then jump down and build the fallen blocks. This will create a little lift, along with an increase in Stormtrooper attacks. Just keep picking off the Troopers as you go about your business.

Ride the lift up to the first level and fall off the left side. Use the helmet machine to equip a Stormtrooper helmet, then return to the lift and ride it to the top. Activate the Stormtrooper door and move through it. Take out the enemies and move up the ramp.

Shoot those within your reach, then quickly build the grapple pad. Swing to the platform across the way and build the grapple pad here. Before swinging to the next platform, move through the door to the right and equip a Stormtrooper helmet. Return to the grapple pad and swing to the next platform, shooting as you go. Use the Stormtrooper Panel to move through the next door. Run to the end of the hall.

Fight your way up the next hall, blasting the circular pillars as you go. Blast through the door at the end of the hall and...woah...that's a lot of Stormtroopers. Please note, there's no shame in using your friends for cover here.

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Once you've taken out the massive group of Stormtroopers, enter the room and pick off those streaming in from behind the doors. When you've cleared out one side, pull the lever on that side (a friend will pull the other) to shut the door here. This will temporarily keep the Stormtroopers from filing in from this side. Repeat with the other side, then move to the massive pile of blocks in the middle of the room. Build a garage door, then shoot through it and enter the next room. Please note, you need a lot of time to build that door. If you're having trouble doing this by yourself, plug in another controller and have a friend keep the Stormtroopers away from you.

Run to the middle of the next room and cross over to the right side. Note the pile of blocks next to the door with the arrow drawn on it. Build them, then get behind them and push the door in the direction of the arrow. It will open, revealing your two droid pals. Lead R2 back over to the left side of the room and activate the R2 Panel. This will raise a hovercraft. Hop on and ride across the red dots. This will raise the Millennium Falcon a notch.

Next, return to the right side, fight off the onslaught of Troopers here, then get R2 to the R2 panel along the back wall. Activate the panel here. The Falcon will be raised another notch.

Backtrack toward your entrance to this room and pull the lever. This will reveal a steam vent. Place C-3P0 above it and he'll fly up to the above platform. Hit the C-3P0 panel and the ship will be raised again.

Finally, return to the right side of the room. To the right of the R2 panel is a blue block. Jump up to the left side of the block and push it right. It will fall off, leaving you with a little mess. Build the blocks into a gravity pad, the ride it up and take out the Stormtroopers above. Flip the lever and your ship will be fully raised. Fight off the Stormtroopers, then move up the Falcon's ramp.

Mini-Kit Canisters

Mini-Kit Canister locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Stud Tips

Tips on getting Studs are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Red Power Brick

Red Power Brick locations are available in the PDF version of LB's "LEGO Star Wars II" Walkthrough

Here's something new. You are at the helm of an X-wing. Fly around the area to get your bearings. First, do some shooting by holding down the same button you use to shoot a weapon. Next, note the two purple orbs in the area. One is smaller and brighter, and is atop a narrow base. This is a torpedo generator. Fly through it and the purple orb will follow behind you. The second purple orb is larger and flatter. If you get close to it, your ship will automatically target it. Use your "Special Abilities"/"Pull Lever" button to shoot a torpedo at the purple orb. A direct hit will result in the force shield coming down. Move through it.

Shoot the Tie Fighters that come at you and the turret guns shooting you from the ground as you keep flying forward. Eventually you'll come to another torpedo generator. Grab some torpedoes and fly right. Here you will find four purple orbs. Shoot each one with a torpedo. Each time you blow one up, the barrier ahead of you will lose a red line of power. When all four are blown up, fly to the barrier and shoot it down. Fly forward.

Fly around this next area and clear it out of turret guns, along with anything else dangerous that's out there. Note, this area is really quite open, with a large divider down the middle of it. On its right side are many purple orbs that need blowing. Blow them up, then fly up the dead red lines to the barrier that you can now blow. Do so.

Shoot the enemies and turrets as you fly, and you'll come to anther set of four orbs. Blow them up, then shoot through the barrier at the end.

More of the same here. However there are now eight orbs to blow. Do so and blast through the barrier then fly right. Here you will get a quick cutscene.

Fly straight down the trench ahead of you. If you need to turn around, pull back you your control stick to flip around. I was never able to get rid of the Tie Fighters before me, but this maneuver did help to get rid of the many turret guns along the alley. Once you reach the end you'll get another quick cutscene.

Finally you are tossed into another open area with a barrier covering a large hole in the middle. Note the twelve small holes surrounding the large hole. They are in three groups of four. Fly over one group at a time, as doing so will raise four turret guns. Take out each group before moving to the next one. When the last group has been destroyed the barrier in the middle will fall, revealing a large target. Shoot a torpedo down the hole to complete the level...and the episode.

Episode IV Bonus

Earn eight Gold (Red Power) Bricks and build the Bonus door to the right of door number 6. Your options are "Super Story" (beat all six levels in under 1 hour and collect over 100,000 Studs), "Character Bonus (Mos Eisley)" (collect 1 million Studs in under 5 minutes), and "Minikit Bonus (Death Star)" (collect 1 million Studs in under 5 minutes). Each Bonus mission unlocks a Gold (Red Power) Brick.


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