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LB's "Monsters vs. Aliens" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Monsters vs. Aliens Game Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PC) is all you need to help Susan (er, Ginormica), The Missing Link, B.O.B., and Dr. Cockroach protect the planet from the evil Gallaxhar and his evil alien minions.

This guide provides you with a detailed walkthrough of all four chaptes, all 25 scenes, and all 35 Monster Challenges.

In other words, this is a 100% Completion Guide and is all you'll need to master the game!

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LB Monsters vs. Aliens Game Guide

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"Monsters vs. Aliens" Game Guide

Below you will find three sample levels from the Lunabean "Monsters vs. Aliens" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. If you'd like to download the complete guide, please go here. Note, there are no ads in the download PDF version.

Chapter 1: Monsters Escape

1. Jail Break

After the introductory cutscene you'll find yourself in control of a roller skating Ginormica, eh, Susan. Simply guide her forward along the path. Eventually you'll be told of Monster DNA and Multipliers. Collect Monster DNA, the smaller bubbles, to buy items in the Monster Store. Collect Multipliers, the green larger bubbles, to increase your Monster DNA up to 5X, noting that you'll lose a multiplier each time you get hit. So, skate forward and collect the Multipliers and DNA ahead.

As you skate you'll be told how to Jump ("A" on the Wii). Follow your on-screen instructions to jump and double jump, avoiding obstacles and earning points. Try it out on the pink lasers ahead.

Next you'll be told how to Crouch ("Z" on the Wii). Try it out on the green lasers ahead.

Continue to make your way along the road, avoiding obstacles as you go. Eventually you'll be told to Grind. Do so simply by guiding yourself onto the middle rail (you'll automatically stick). On your second attempt, lean while grinding by moving your control stick in one direction (opposite the obstacles).

Once you clear the rails you'll be told to perform the Wall Ride. To perform the wall ride, move toward either wall then jump and lean to automatically connect to it. Repeat.

After more obstacle avoidance you'll be giving the Break Through command ("B" on the Wii). Use it on the robots who charge your way for 500 points a pop. Continue forward.

Once the Gigantic Robot appears and you're goal will be missile avoidance. Simply watch the reticle as it appears in front of you and move to the opposite side of the road. You'll have to move faster as you go, but the missiles are easily avoidable.

Continue forward until you reach the door, at which point you must follow the on-screen prompts to open it (wave the Wii-mote in the direction indicated on the Wii, tap buttons otherwise). Once the door is open the scene will be complete.

2. Helping Hand

Before heading to the next level you'll need to enter the DNA Lab Tutorial. Go ahead and purchase the "Movie Still" and "Audio Commentary" as nothing else can be unlocked until you complete the next scene.

When you get to the next scene you'll be in control of Missing Link. Walk right and smash the jeep with the same "Break Through" command you used with Susan ("B" on the Wii). Once smashed, collect the Multiplier then continue to smash your way forward. Break through the boxes, then "Attack/Break Through" the enemies. Double jump to reach the Multiplier.

Move forward and you'll be shown a couple of missile turret control panels. Look for the reticles as they appear on the ground and, like before, move opposite them as you make your way toward the control panels. Move to the one on the right first. Once you're close enough you'll be told which button to hit to access the panel ("Z" on the Wii). Hit it, then follow the on-screen instructions to guide the green reticle over the large silos to your right. Blow them up ("A" on the Wii) and collect the DNA and Multiplier.

Repeat this process to blow up the silos on the left side followed by the revealed mini-bots (make sure the reticle is green before firing). Alternately, you can break away from the consoles then grab ("Z" on the Wii) and toss (flick the Wii-mote) the bots. Either way, clear the bots, then make your way forward down the path.

Collect the Multiplier just past the jeep, then fight the bots (pick up and toss them at each other for best results). Grab the Multipliers behind two of the tanks and make your way to the next console. Access it, then point and shoot the missiles at the silo bridge supports. Shoot them until the bridge (and the jeeps) fall. As you're shooting, look out for bot attacks on the ground and in the sky. For ground bots, break away from the console and toss them into each other. For sky attacks, point your missiles and let them rip.

When the bridge falls you'll have a new path ahead. Cross it and perform a Tail-Spin Attack on the bots (on the Wii, shake the Nunchuck). Look out for the red crates as they'll blow when you get close to them.

Use the next control panel to take out the next silo. Grab the Multiplier, then continue along the next path.

Double jump twice to reach the top of the helipad and you'll be told of the Leap Attack. Follow the on-screen instructions to pull it off twice (on the Wii, hold and release "B", then point at your enemies with your Wii-mote in the order you want to hit them). Note, if you're not getting the slow motion screen that allows you to select your enemies after you release the button, then you aren't holding/charging the button long enough.

Fall off the left side of the helipad. Grab the Multiplier, then carefully move across the extending bridges (note the Multiplier between them). Eliminate the bots on the opposite side, then access the console to blow up the next silo.

Grab the Multiplier opposite the console, then pass through the silo opening. Move across the catwalk and a couple of bridges will be extended for you. Before passing through the door, cross to the opposite side for the Multiplier.

Pass through the door to complete the scene.

3. Hypnosis

This time you're in charge of BOB, whose goal it is to help Insectosaurus. Follow the on screen instructions to break/attack the crates (shake the Nunchuck on the Wii). Move through the door and Jump ("A" on the Wii) to the ceiling to cross the gap in the floor. Hit your "Jump" button again to release yourself from the ceiling. Move through the door to the left, as the door straight ahead is locked.

Grab and toss the crate in the middle of the room at the red button on the far side of the room using the on-screen instruction (on the Wii use "Z" to grab then flick your Wii-mote to toss). Once the switch turns green, the door back outside will be unlocked. Exit back out, and move through the door.

Jump onto the wall next to the open door and grab the Multiplier. Continue up to the balcony above. Hit "Jump" to break from the wall, then double jump to reach the blue path on the ceiling. Take it to the end, then drop down on the red button, thus revealing your exit. Backtrack and drop down to the lower level. Approach the center circle and you'll be taken outside.

To save Insectosaurus you're going to have to shoot down the helicopters ahead. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions to aim BOB (use the Wii-mote on the Wii) and shoot ("B" on the Wii). Hold down your "Shoot" button for a constant stream of fire. Watch out as missiles will come your way. Either shoot them down before they strike, or protect yourself from them with your shield ("A" on the Wii).

Your goal here is to take down the Chinook (the double bladed chopper) that is shooting at Insectosaurus while you protect yourself from the mini-choppers. Watch the Chinook's health bar at the bottom of the screen as you shoot the chopper and defend yourself. Note, because you can't equip your shield while you fire, the best course of action is to constantly fire. Shoot missiles, shoot choppers and shoot the Chinook. It's all fairly easy.

Back inside, collect the DNA that's around, then move through the green door. Continue down the hall to the next area. Grab the Multiplier, then the crate. Move across the grate (if you aren't carrying the crate as you cross you'll slip through), then carefully ride the conveyer belts all the way to the lowest level. Take out the enemy here, then grab the crate here. Ride the belt back up, then carefully cross all the way right. Cross the grate here.

Make your way up and right for a Multiplier, then slip through the grate below. If you want another Multiplier, move down the belt behind you, then to the right. Otherwise, grab the crate and continue forward along the catwalk.

Toss the crate at the guard, then cross above. Hop on the next conveyer belt, then ride it across and down (Multiplier in upper right corner). Ride the platform down, grab a crate, move through the door, toss the crate at the man inside. Finish off the next few men by grabbing them and tossing them into one another. Collect the last man and hold him as you enter the next room.

After a short cutscene you'll find yourself back in Insectosaurus protection mode. Repeat what you did last time.

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LB Monsters vs. Aliens Game Guide

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