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LB's "Resident Evil 5 (RE5)" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Resident Evil 5 (RE5) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) is all you need to navigate the deadly villages, ports, ruins, and ships of Africa while dealing with a few hundred zombies (well, virus-infected villagers)!

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Resident Evil 5 Game Guide



Controls in this walkthrough will be referred to generically so as not to cause confusion between the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of the game.

You can view your controls at any time by going to: Pause Menu >> Options >> Controller Settings.

Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint


Head forward and you'll be prompted to open your Map using the Map Button. You can toggle the Map View on and off. You are the green triangle. Your partner, Sheva, is the pink arrow. Your destination/objective is the carrot (triangle outline). As you near your destination the carrot will change into a pulsing circle. Note, also the compass in the upper left of the map. I'll be referring to directions in this walkthrough as north, south, east, west, and so on based on this compass.

Continue forward down the main road, taking in the sights. Soon you'll get a cutscene and will end up in front of the Corner Pyamy Butchery.


Go directly into the Butchery and you'll be told to go around to the side door. You'll also learn how to locate Sheva when she is out of your sight by holding down the Locate Partner Button.

Head around to the right side of the Butchery and approach the door. You'll be prompted to "Open" it. Do so and enter. "Talk" to the man leaning against the wall.

Approach the shining case and "Open" it. Grab the Handgun, M92F (HG), and then hit your Open Inventory button. With your inventory screen open, select the Handgun and choose to "Equip" it. This will prompt another cutscene.


Before you leave the Butchery, feel free to "Investigate" the hanging carcasses and then head over to the left to locate the crate on the table. You'll be told how to swing your knife (hold down the knife button and then hit your fire/throw button) to break the crate.

Wooden Crates and Barrels

Wooden crates and barrels contain items that can be picked up by either you or your partner. They usually contain either gold, ammo, or herbs (more on herbs below). You'll want to break these with a swing of your knife...don't waste ammo on them. While I will point out many of the game's crates and barrels, you should just always be on the lookout for them.

Head into the next room and locate the barrel near the cart. Head down the stairs and "Investigate" the dead deer on the ground. Go through the nearby open door to enter the building and then "Open" the next door.

"Investigate" the deer carcass here, if you wish, and then locate the crate and barrel in the corner. The crate will most likely contain a green herb.


If you've played previous RE games then you're probably familiar with herbs, if not, here is a basic priimer. Green herbs heal you. Red herbs can be combined with other herbs to make them more potent. You can combine green and green herbs, for example, but it's wiser to use red herbs to enhance your normal herbs. You can give herbs to your partner or simply discard them. To access and/or use an herb, enter your Inventory Screen, select the herb you want to use and then "Use" it.

Continue through the room, heading toward the next room, being sure to grab the green herb from the shelf on the right. Sheva may grab this herb before you get a chance to do so. If she does, and you want it, you can go into your Inventory Screen, switch to Sheva by hitting the button on the "Sheva," and then "Requesting" the herb. If she is near you, she'll give it to you. You may also feel free to combine herbs, thus making a G+G herb.

Go through the door next to where you just go the herb. You'll be in the same alley you were just in. Run (hold the Run Button) up the stairs and "Open" the door for your first fight.



You always want to aim for the head, unless of course you're trying to slow an oncoming zombie (zombie), in which case you'll want to aim for the knee. To aim, hold down your Aim Button while you have a gun equipped. In the case of the Handgun, you'll see a laser sight. You can move the laser over the body part you want to shoot at and then his the "Fire Button" to shoot. If the zombie gets close to you, you may be prompted to perform an action like "Hook," (punch) or kick. Simply press the button shown to you in order to perform said action. Although you can kill a zombie with body shots, it'll only take one well placed head shot to do the task, thus saving you ammo.

In the case of this fight, the zombie will come running at you. Try to get a body shot in on him to slow him down. If you can knock him down to the ground, do so. Then, shoot at his head to kill him. Otherwise, just shoot at his head until he dies.

Once he's dead, go through the next door and grab the handgun bullets from the shelf in this small room. Sheva may grab them before you do. Head to the window in the NW corner of the room and you'll be prompted to "Jump Out." Do so.

Back out in the alley, head down the street and you'll get a cutscene. Afterward, a horde of zombies will be chasing you. You'll learn the Quick Turn, aka 180 degree turn, by pulling down on your control stick and hitting the "Run Button". Do this so that you turn around. Run like the wind away from the zombies, down the road, (it's only a short distance) and enter the building in front of you.

You'll be barricaded in. Head to the left side of the room to grab a red herb and a hand grenade. You can combine the red herb with a green herb to make a potion that restores full health. Do so if you wish. Otherwise, head over to the barred door and "Investigate." It seems two people could kick open this door. You'll be prompted to hit the "Open" button. Do so to kick down the door. Walk through.

In this room, "Investigate," what you want, grab the handgun ammo from the shelf to the left of the Ronics boxes, and then slash open the three barrels for some goodies. When you're ready, drop through the hatch in the floor (back left corner). Head along the tunnel and climb up the ladder at the end.

After you climb up you'll see two boxes of handgun ammo and a green herb. Grab them and then "Open" the door to end up outside.


Follow the curvy path down and "Jump down" at the end of it. Grab the handgun ammo and green herb on the table. Enter the building.

Slew of Zombies Attack

The cutscene should get you pretty tense as there are whole slew of zombies heading your way. This is a nasty fight, so don't feel bad if you die a few times.

When play resumes you'll want to block off the two entrances to buy some time by pushing the bookcases. To push a bookcase, get on the side of it and hit the button that is prompted. Note that you have the option to "Command Partner," which will make Sheva push one of them. So, go to one, command her to push it, go to the other one and push it yourself.

With both entries now blocked, it's time to quicky explore the room. Slash the two sets of coconuts (one reveals a grenade) and the barrel, open the drawer under the TV for ammo, and grab the ammo off of the table to the left of the TV. Now that you're all geared up I recommend that you make sure that your grenades (you should have two by this point) and health are assigned to your quick inventory slots.

To do this, pull up your Inventory Screen and make sure that your grenades are either in the top, bottom, left, or right square. These four positions coordinate with your d-pad on your controller. For example, if your greandaes are in the right square, then during gameplay all you have to do is hit right on the d-pad to equip your grenades.

Obviously, you'll want to leave your handgun in the top slot, so you can quickly switch back to it, but go ahead and fill the other two quick slots with health.

Okay, you are geared up and now have grenades and health at the ready. Finally, you may want to make sure that Sheva has a good number of bullets. If she doesn't, "Give," some to her.

At this point you'll want to shoot the zombies as they come in. They'll eventually break through both bookcases and will come in through the open door to the west. I recommend that you stand in the corner near the TV and pick them off with headshots as best as you can.

Two quick things to note. First, you'll want to get good at reloading. Your bullet count is in the middle of your health status. If you have a brief pause when no zombies are right on you, it's a good time to reload. To do so, hold the Aim Button and hit the Run Button. Second, during this fight, dead zombies will leave items behind. This is usually gold, but can also be ammo. So make a run for items every now and again.

After killing a good deal of them you'll hear yourself calling Kirk for backup. At this point, the ceiling breaks and more zombie come flowing in, and what's more, the Executioner break through the wall and starts to attack you.

Boss Fight - Executioner

Whatever you do, avoid the Executioner's axe swing. It is devasting.

The basic goal here is to last long enough for the rescue chopper to arrive meaning you don't need to kill the Executioner, just survive him. That being said, if you want to actually kill him, and get the Gold Ring treasure as your reward (worth 5,000 gold), you'll need to be quick and crafty.

The first thing you'll want to do is escape out of the building that you are in. For this walkthrough's sake, exit out via the hole in the wall that the Executioner made when he smashed through. This will put you outside on the dirt streets of the village. There are three main areas where you can go, each briefly described below.

However, before you go for any of these three areas, I recommend that you make a run for the back right corner of the area (NE corner) where you'll find a suitcase with the VZ61 SMG (sub-machine gun). You don't have to use it, but it's nice to go ahead and get.

With that being said, here are the three areas:

The Rooftop - From the hole in the wall, run straight forward, ingoring zombie, until you see some small red barrels (this isn't actually too far). On a side note, you can shoot these barrels to create an explosion. At the red barrels, hang a left and and go to the other side of the little wooden fence. Here you'll find a ladder. Climb it.

Now on top of the building you were just in, break any crates you see and grab the green herb. Not far from the green herb is another ladder going up. Climb up it to an upper roof where you will find three grenades. You are safe from the Executioner here and can simply pick off any zombies who come up to join you. This is the best place to survive until the chopper comes if you're going for the survivor route.

The House to the Right of the Bus - Again, you can barricade yourself in here if you wish, but only briefly. There are two grenades (one incendiary, one normal) on the shelf and you can also find handgun ammo, machine gun ammo, and a crate. Note, also, that there is an upstairs to this house which provides you with an escape route if need be although there is nothing up there other than catwalks over the area.

The House Behind the Bus - If you run into the house behind and to the left of the bus you can barricade the door with a bookcase, giving you a few seconds to collect the goodies inside. Here you'll find a green herb, three sets of handgun ammo, a barrel, and machine gun ammo in the drawer of the little desk. The Executioner will follow you in here, so watch out.

If you want to kill the Executioner, your best bet is to use grenades, and lots of them. After grabbing the SMG, head to the Rooftop as described above where you'll find three grenades. At this point you should have four or five hand grenades and maybe one or two incendiary grenades.

Make sure that you have either equipped and then run around in search of the Executioner. When you see him, throw a grenade at him. Try to get it as near to him as possible. If it blows near him and he goes down to one knee, run up to him and you'll be prompted to do an "Uppercut". Repeat this process, running around like a wild man, avoiding zombies as best as you can, tossing grenades when you see him. If you run out of grenades, you can grab the two that are in the house to the right of the bus, or just lay into his head with your SMG. Again, anytime that you see him take knee, run up to him and uppercut.

It took me about six hand grenades, two incendiary grenades, and a full clip of SMG ammo...plus about four uppercuts...to kill him. Once you do, quickly run up to him to grab the Gold Ring from the ground where he died.

Either way, whether you tried to simply survive or go for the kill, eventually Kirk will swoop in via helicopter and blow the area to bits thus ending the chapter.

Chapter 1-1: Documents

Dying - On the table in the Butchery, via the side door where you got the handgun.

Control Types - On the same table in the Butchery as the Dying document, via the side door where you got the handgun.

Blade of Punishment - On the counter in the room after going down the stairs and opening the door. Same room as the autopsied deer carcass on the table.

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