Tips and Tricks to Get Your Baby to Sit Still for Casting

Do you want to create a cast of your baby’s hand or foot, but you’re not quite sure how to get them to sit still? It can seem like an intimidating task trying to get your baby to stop wiggling for any amount of time —  especially for a baby casting kit. Have no fear, we at Casting Keepsakes have some tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help you get a great mold for your casting. 

We strive to provide only the highest-quality casting kits to use with your little one; the ingredient used for the molding powder is actually FDA-approved food safe potassium alginate. We want to make sure nothing is coming into contact with you or your baby that might be harmful in any way. While we don’t recommend eating the molding powder, if the baby gets some in their mouth — because everything goes in their mouth sometimes — it’s really not a big deal at all as it is a food-grade material. It probably won’t be the tastiest thing they’ve ever eaten, but it won’t cause any harm.

Certainly, if you know ways to calm your little one down to complete the molding process, use those! We know you know your baby better than anyone, so any calming or relaxing techniques that you know already work will probably be best. That being said, if you’re having trouble calming your little one enough to be still for two minutes to create the mold for the baby casting kit, here are some ideas:

  • Wait until right after you’ve fed your baby. They are probably getting sleepy and you can likely create the mold quite easily at this time as drowsiness takes over.
  • Sing or read to them. If they are engrossed in a book or singing along with you, they can become quite still and you can sneak in the molding of a hand or foot while their attention is otherwise occupied.
  • Give them an engaging toy or a mirror. Babies can get highly involved with their toys and if there is one or two that you know of that always grabs their attention, you might just be able to sneak in that two minute molding while they are playing. Similarly, babies generally love mirrors. They are simply fascinated by their own reflection looking back at them and doing all of the things they are doing! Mirrors, then, can provide helpful interaction for a couple of minutes.
  • Give them a little snack of their favorite food. While they are busy chowing down, you can create the mold for your casting!
  • Wait until they are asleep. Often, it’s just simplest to wait until they are sleeping deeply to create the mold for your casting. They’ll never even know it happened! And you’ll have plenty of time to create the perfect mold.

Creating lasting, lifelong keepsakes through casting will help you capture this moment in time forever. As your children grow, they will be astonished to see how tiny their hands and feet once were! Our casting kits are great for use with animals, too. The molding compound does have some flexibility to accommodate for wriggling fingers and toes, also. While it cannot accommodate too much movement within the mold, it does have some maneuverability. And it will still render an extremely high-quality casting, with all of the little folds and wrinkles captured perfectly. Your memory of your baby when they were still so tiny will be perfectly preserved for you to cherish for a lifetime. 

Casting Keepsakes’ casting kits are perfect for hands, feet, paws, and are non-toxic, baby, child, and family-friendly. We strive to manufacture only the highest quality products for the most durable castings so that you can treasure these memories forever. Our kits also make wonderful gifts for new parents, or for paw-rents, too. Order yours today or feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about any of our products. At Casting Keepsakes, we pride ourselves on creating the simplest, most fun casting kits for our customers to use and enjoy. In addition to baby’s hands and feet casting kits, we also carry a variety of pregnant belly casting kits, too. We look forward to working with you! 
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