Why You Should Cast Your Pregnant Belly

Whether you have one child or five or more, every pregnancy your body goes through is special and has its own features and foibles that strengthens the bond between you and your child. Every pregnancy is its own unique gift. Each is its own time to treasure. 

That’s why it’s important to create keepsakes of this special time. It’s going to be over before you know it, and you want to commemorate this time you had with your baby when it was truly just the two of you: before they came into the world, when it was just you two learning each other’s rhythms, making each other laugh and delighting in the upcoming birth of your baby. 

That’s why at Casting Keepsakes we offer a number of ways to celebrate your pregnancy and the growth of your child within. Our casting kits are extremely easy to use and create entirely by yourself! Or, get together with your closest gals and have them assist you with the casting! The cast, once finished, can be kept as-is, or you may decide to delve into your inner artist to paint your belly cast with whatever kind of finish you’d like! It can be joyful, humorous, idealistic, feature the baby’s name or a word or words in whatever language you’d like! You can decide to turn it into a soft, serene scene or something positively goofy: whatever you’d like to do! 

We also carry a number of various kits for painting your belly directly with baby-safe paints, glitter, stencils, henna, temporary tattoos and more. This is such a special time for you and your baby, and you deserve to enjoy it and memorialize it however you see fit. It won’t be too long before that baby makes its way out of your body and into the world, so treasure this time that you have and create keepsakes and crafts around your beautiful belly as much as your heart desires. 

As your child grows, you’ll be able to talk with them about your belly cast and show them how they fit inside Mommy’s body. Children are naturally curious, so they’ll probably have a million questions...they might even try to see if they can crawl into the bump they used to occupy. As they continue to grow and learn, it can be a wonderful opportunity for you to bond further with them, telling them all about what it was like when they were in your tummy and how grateful you are for that experience, how much you loved them from even before the very beginning and how special it was to get to carry and give birth to them. 

At Casting Keepsakes, we make it our specialty to provide affordable, fun, DIY casting creations for you and your family to love for generations. In addition to our Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit, we also carry a number of casting kits for your newborn’s hands and feet, hand and feet prints, your family’s hands and more! Our casting kits help you create mementos that will endure the test of time and be proud testaments to the growth of your family. Check them out for yourself today!
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